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Live Dialer

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When you have a prospect ready to call, making it easy for them to reach an agent can make the difference between closing or losing their custom.

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  • 30s Setup
  • No Credit Card Required

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We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Enter your number and choose a call back time for an agent to get in touch.

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    Brring makes sales calls simple

  • User Books A Call

    01. User books a call

    No delays or busy dial tones. One click and your visitor books a call.

  • Everyone Gets A Reminder

    02. Everyone gets a reminder

    You get an SMS, Email or Calendar reminder just before the call starts.

  • Brring Calls Everyone

    03. Brring calls everyone

    When the call's scheduled time arrives we use the cheapest, local route to dial everyone in.


Agents get a heads up

Your agents get a heads up view of all their calls on any device be it Windows, Mac, Linux, Android or iOS. All you need is a web browser.

  • Zero app install
  • Cross-browser support
  • On-premise or cloud deployment

Calendar and SMS reminders

Brring makes scheduling and managing calls seamless. Simply log in on any device, an agent can see all their calls and invite colleagues and clients — Brring makes sure your meeting is in everyone’s calendar.

  • Fast call scheduling
  • Automatic calendar invites
  • SMS reminders

Dialer works the way you do

Easily manage your schedule, track your team and calculate billable conversations with a comprehensive log of every call.

  • Repeat scheduling
  • Granular call history
  • Integrations and flexible API
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  • Business Hours

    01. Business hours

    Only allow incoming calls when you're in the office. Outside hours your prospects can schedule a call, saving everyone time.

  • Zero App Install

    02. Zero app install

    Technical issues waste time. With no app downloads and cross-browser support you and your guests don't have to jump through hoops to join.

  • Phone Or Web Audio

    03. Phone or web audio

    Use your phone or join over the internet. We have cross browser web audio support for all major desktop and mobile browsers.