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Introducing Brring Integrations, starting with Calendly

/ Announcements / 2 min read

Brring + Calendly

Our aim at Brring is to make it the smartest telephone communication tool out there. As part of our mission to super charge your phone we’re adding a powerful new integrations suite starting with Calendly.

If you’re using Calendly and ever need to ring your appointments or drop into a conference call with them simply setup your Brring Calendly Integration and you benefit from the powerful calendaring features of Calendly plus the smart calling features of Brring.

When anyone books a slot in your Calendar and provides a phone number to be reached on, Brring will automatically create a scheduled call to ring you both at the appointed time and notify you via text just before your meeting starts.

If the meeting’s re-scheduled or cancelled Brring will automatically keep track.

Brring and Calendly scheduling your phone calls for you

Brring and Calendly scheduling your phone calls for you

Of course whilst we were busy adding integrations to Brring we took all your valuable feedback and made Brring simpler and easier to use, tweaking and refining every aspect of the user inteface to make it even better.

We’re not stopping there and will be rolling out a stream of new integrations to keep Brring synced up with your other calendars, CRM and phonebook in the near future.

For more on configuring Calendly to connect to your Brring account checkout our help page.

We’d love to know what integrations you’d like to see so drop us a note or schedule a Calendly + Brring call right here!