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6 ways to convert more real estate leads

Aug 31, 2020 3 min read
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82% of all real estate transactions are from referrals. The importance of staying in touch and developing your leads for dozens or hundreds of contacts is time consuming but critical, especially as 97% of customers report that they will give more business to companies that respond quickly. Implementing marketing automation solutions like Brring Live Dialer will help you find, develop and nurture your contacts through the early stages of the buying cycle.

Here are six ways where using a lead generation tool on your website can help you turn those leads into clients.

1 Pre-qualification questions

Lead generation tools are expensive and as social media networks become even more saturated not only does the financial cost increase but the ROI decreases for advertisers.

At Brring we generate leads where they are the hottest: on your website. Our feature pre-qualification questions lets you add optional or mandatory questions to help you pre-qualify your leads and increases the quality of your lead metadata. Live Dialer can act like an agent pre-screening your calls- gaining you the useful information needed to help connect with the client.

2 System matrix

Agents know people are not just going to start calling them to help find or sell their house. As difficult as it is to find perspective clients you know that when you get a warm lead contacting you via Live Dialer or a contact form you know their intention is high. Any extra information you can get will go a long way to nurturing your potential client.

Live Dialer helps identify visits to your website and interactions with the Live Dialer widget. It lets you know which country and city your lead is calling from and which pages on your site the’ve visited as well as which page caused them to open Live Dialer.

This metadata can give you insights into what your prospect is interested in and how best to understand their needs.

3 Auto dial

We all know the necessity of connecting quickly to potential customers. Research has shown that you can expect a 100x increase in response by calling a prospect within 5 minutes vs 30 minutes. In fact 97% of customers report that they will give more business to companies that respond quickly to them.

Once you’ve specified your hours and availability for each day of the week your customers are able to pick a time slot convenient for both of you in Live Dialer when scheduling a call. Outside of business hours Live Dialer does not allow a prospect to just ring you, instead it offers them an easy way to schedule a call for when you’re next available.

4 Time

One of the biggest challenges facing those in the real estate industry is time. From working long days and constant weekends, the hours most successful agents work would drive most people mad.

Using Brring Live Dialer we eliminate the hassle of time and appointment availability. Once you specifiy your hours and availability for each day of the week, your customers are able to pick a time slot convenient for both of you. We even eliminate the frustration of time zone conversions for you.

You set your hours and we take care of the rest.

5 Text reminders for appointments

Everything today is digital, and it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking you can be okay to miss a call with a text or email follow-up. Statistics tell a different story. 80% of all business communication takes place over the phone and missing phone calls is poor customer service.  Reports state that businesses lose $75 billion a year from poor customer service.

With Live Dialer we offer text reminders that can notify you of your upcoming call before it starts. We’ve drilled down into your lead metadata so you can get useful insights into where your leads are calling from, which pages they viewed and on which page they triggered the call. This information is standard on every Live Dialer call so you don’t need to dig through your emails to find the data. Simply click on a call and your sales team immediately get a heads up with all the information they need.

6 Calendar integration

When you have a call booked with a prospect, syncing up calendars and time slots can be problematic. With Live Dialer once your business hours are set visitors to your site can book a time slot convenient for both them and you.

Furthermore you receive a calendar invite which syncs up with your calendaring software and ensures you get a calendar notification in addition to text message before the call starts.


Using Brring Live Dialer to will quantify, set up your appointments, and nurture your leads leaves your agents can focus on what they do best: sales.

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