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Brring Live Dialer for Free

Jul 03, 2020 2 min read
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Brring Live Dialer Goes Free

We are excited to announce our 100% free plan for Brring Live Dialer today. For all new and existing customers when you signup for Brring you start with a completely free account which needs no call credit whatsoever. Simply add Live Dialer to your website and your site visitors can schedule a call. With free Live Dialer instead of calls automatically ringing both parties, our free account simply gives you an email notification when the call is booked and another when the call is about to start.

Emails still contain all the insights you need about your lead – including their city, country, timezone and the pages which triggered your visitor’s interest and we’ll even sync up with your calendar ensuring you never miss an appointment again. Instead of Brring auto dialling both parties our free service allows you to pickup the phone yourself and dial your prospect using the details in your Live Dialer email.

You still get unlimited call history, analytics, contacts, contact notes and all the other great features we provide in our paid account. To get our paid-for features, just add a little credit to your account. This enables text reminders, web calling and auto-callbacks where you and your prospect are dialled automatically.

If your call credit runs out you drop down to our free plan automatically.

In addition if you want to keep text reminders, but disable automatic-callbacks we’ve created a handy toggler right here in Live Dialer settings to do just that:

Enable Or Disable Auto Callback

With our no-subscription pricing policy your call credit lasts a long time. Calls are charged per minute and texts are charged per text with detailed pricing here.

For example in the US call costs are typically $0.015/min and $0.044 per text. We find $5 lasts a month for most of our customers.

With our latest release of Bring Live Dialer you can reduce your costs, mobilise the minutes of your call plan, and improve the quality of your leads. Are you ready to start today?


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