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How to generate more B2B sales by leveraging the power of a call back widget

Apr 29, 2020 4 min read
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You might know that a majority (86%) of consumers prefer to talk with a live person. But did you know that of those only 29% of consumers choose their method of live conversation through a chat service and 40% of consumers prefer a phone call?

Phone calls are popular again! Within two weeks of the coronavirus lockdown Europe alone has seen a 50% increase in mobile voice use, a nearly 40% increase in IP network use and a 25% increase in mobile data usage. With social distancing people are seeking ways to stay connected with each other. Get your phone number up on your website, or better yet, a widget.

With these five easy steps you can ensure you are maximizing sales from your website and leveraging the power of your call back widget.

1. Establish trust 

One of the biggest hinderances of chat widgets is that people are uncertain if they are talking to a person or being led through a funnel by an AI bot. Using widgets like Live Dialer to allow prospects to call you helps establish trust in your brand. Having preset hours for a call back time reinforces the human connection of your site; you are people with schedules not product. With the importance of having a discussion at a time that is best for your lead through scheduled calling you are projecting the authority of the conversation to the customer – the call is at a time convenient for them. In actuality though you are remaining in control of the lead by using products like Live DIaler, which ensure the call is also at a convenient time for you and provide insights into what web pages your lead is interested in and other valuable metadata. Investing in a callback widget also allows for a level of rapport between your sales agent and your prospect which can be far harder to establish over just a chat.

2. Don’t leave your leads hanging

Potential customers don’t like to be kept waiting. Research has shown that you can expect a 100x increase in response by calling a prospect within 5 minutes vs 30 minutes. In fact 97% of customers report that they will give more business to companies that respond quickly to them. Widgets like Live Dialer let your warm leads book a call with you and get connected within seconds.

Contact centres can be a great asset for answering calls, but 54% of customers are dissatisfied with the service they receive. Having a skilled person who can answer the customer’s calls and questions quickly as well as enact the desired result will put you well onto the path of building customer loyalty.

3. Eliminate distractions

Don’t annoy the leads. Nearly 45% of consumers find chatbots ‘annoying’. Research suggests that most lead-gen companies don’t mention the negative reactions as they don’t want to discourage businesses from adding chatbots to their site. Don’t get caught in this trap, having a widget that does gentle prompting for conversations at the right time but seamlessly flows with your webpage helps generate the best leads.

Additionally a live web chat option is disruptive for your productivity. Consumer expectations of live chat are that you will be answering questions immediately – you are constantly having the live chat plugin running in the background and you are going to be interrupted with messages. Expectation is on you to be tech savvy; slow typing, spelling and grammatical errors will reflect very poorly on your company and product.

4. True attribution of widget sales

Anyone can slap their phone number up on their website, but what does that give you? You don’t know who is calling, what they are calling about, what pages on your website they were looking at, not to mention an email to validate the lead. On average sales attributed with a widget have an estimated conversion rate of 1-8% whereas the generic end-of-post call has a 0.5-1.5% estimated conversion rate.

The analytics your widget provides are key to helping lead generation and are the true value of the widget for sales. Most widgets will give you options to see how many visitors came to your site and what percent of those interacted with your widget. Brring Live Dialer goes a step beyond with metadata that can give you insight into what your prospects were interested in to understand their needs better before they have even called you.

5. Cost of widget

The main reason people are hesitant to put call back widgets on their website is they feel the feature is too expensive. There is a lot of competition out there and shopping for the best value for features that will help you is recommended. Most sites will offer a free option that has a limited number of calls made from your site a month and limited number of operators supported. Usually there is a monthly bumper option for additional calls for any busy periods. 

At Brring we like to be different. Our Live Dialer comes free to install and offers unlimited Live Dialler callbacks. Our pricing is per minute so you only pay for what you use with prices as little as 1.5 cents per minute. You can have unlimited call history, business hours, web audio, call analytics, SMS reminders, widget customisation and more at no extra charge.

And lastly…

Remember that overall people are using their mobile phones as a preferred searching device. Market share usage for searches worldwide is 52.1% for mobiles compared to 44.2% desktop usage. Not only should you be ensuring your website is optimised for mobile usage, but your call back widget should be too. 

Products like Brring Live Dialer can be customised to suit your brand and site layout and is positionable on either side of your web page complimenting any exiting chat bot solution. In addition Live Dialer is 100% responsive. We work hard to ensure it looks great across dozens of web browsers and devices. Whether your visitors are on their mobile, tablet or desktop you have a sales tool that matches your brand and looks great on every web page.

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