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7 easy ways to generate more sales leads from your website

Mar 29, 2020 5 min read
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7 Easy Ways To Generate More Sales Leads From Your Website

Making the most of your website traffic during this uncertain time should be a key priority for sales teams, consultancies and entrepreneurs.

With marketing budgets under pressure, converting casual visitors to your website into sales leads is absolutely essential to generating cashflow and revenue.

The good news is that many industries across the board are reporting an upsurge in website traffic as more consumers spend their time surfing the internet for goods and services that they are either interested in purchasing now or pulling the trigger when things ‘get back to normal.’

In this blog post we look at 7 easy ways you can leverage the power of our Brring Live Dialer solution to generate more inbound sales calls.

1. Personalize your call to action colours

When Amazon built their store they tested every aspect of their site extensively. From font sizes and button widths to the layout of every page. There was one seemingly tiny item which they found had a dramatic effect on the number of sales and that was the colour of the Buy Now button.

By tracking their stats and monitoring conversions Amazon were able to experiment with a range of Buy Now colours and found that orange yielded a significantly higher conversion than any other colour.

Clearly colour is important, so which colour should you make Live Dialer or indeed any other call to action element on your website?

Let’s dive into colour psychology 101…


Red is a very bold colour and conveys a feeling of attention and urgency. It can create a feeling of missing out if the customer does not click the button and you can see companies like Target and Netflix use this across their onboarding and checkout pages. If picking red it’s important to pair it with contrasting colours like yellow.

Use sparingly, too much red can overpower.

Live Dialer Colours Red

Using colours #CB2D3E, #EF473A


Yellow is a warming colour and as such is seen to be an inviting colour. Using it on your call to action can make your lead feel better about clicking on the button and since it stands out it draws the eye making it obvious where to click.

Like red, yellow should also be used in moderation to avoid creating an overwhelming feeling.

Live Dialer Colours Yellow

Using colours #F2994A, #F2C94C


Green is a great colour to use if you’re in an industry focusing on renewables or health or plant products. Depending on the shade of green it can also be eye catching and is a very calming colour, making your site visitor feel better about clicking through on your CTA.

Live Dialer Colours Green

Using colours #11998E, #38EF7D

2. Get the right message across

Choosing the right text on your Live Dialer widget can provide the nudge your site visitor needs to get in touch with you.

One approach is to offer a discount for getting in touch with your sales line. Another might be to offer a free initial consultation call. Whatever your text keep it short, keep it catchy.

To give you a rough indicator we suggest keeping your heading at 45 characters or less, for example:

Heading: Schedule a free consultation call

And a sub-heading of 120 characters or less, for example:

Sub-Heading: We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Enter your number and choose a time for an agent to get in touch

Live Dialer Message

3. Set your business hours to catch out of hours traffic

It’s a good idea to confirm your business hours in Live Dialer – this way you can ensure potential leads are able to effectively book calls only when you or your sales team are able to handle them.

Once you’ve specified your hours and availability for each day of the week your customers are able to pick a time slot convenient for both of you in Live Dialer when scheduling a call. Once the call time arrives you and your prospect are automatically dialled in.

Outside of business hours Live Dialer does not allow a prospect to just ring you, instead it offers them an easy way to schedule a call for when you’re next available.

Live Dialer Business Hours

4. Position Live Dialer correctly

The Live Dialer widget can be positioned in a number of ways to maximize visitor attention and to ensure it doesn’t conflict with any existing lead generation tools on your website.

You can configure the widget to appear in the bottom left or right of the screen. You can also specify whether the Live Dialer window itself opens in the left, right or center of the screen.

In addition you can have Live Dialer automatically popup by itself or only when clicked. The combinations are varied and help ensure you can configure things to suit your lead and the type of service they’re browsing.

5. Have conversations as often as possible

Inbound material is critical, but when a user pings you via chat or email be sure to follow up as soon and often as possible with a call.

If your user asks about a product or service offer to give them a 10 minute call to walk them through it. If you’re emailing with your lead offer a conference call to discuss.

Research shows that you can expect a 100x increase in response by calling a lead within 5 minutes vs 30 minutes. Live Dialer with auto dialling can dial a site visitor in as little as 5 seconds after they first request the call. You can of course configure this setting so if you want time to prepare before a call you can set the delay to say 5 minutes or more.

Live Dialer Analytics

6. Understand what your lead is interested in

Live Dialer helps identify visits to your website and interactions with the Live Dialer widget. It let’s you know which country and city your lead is calling from and which pages on your site they visited as well as which page caused them to open Live Dialer.

This metadata can give you insights into what your prospect is interested in and how best to understand their needs.

Live Dialer Visitor Information

7. Be on time

When you have a call booked with a prospect, syncing up calendars and time slots can be problematic. With Live Dialer once your business hours are set visitors to your site can book a time slot convenient for both them and you.

Furthermore you receive a calendar invite which syncs up with your calendaring software and ensures you get a reminder before the call starts.

Just before the call both your lead and you get a text reminder and then when the call time arrives everyone is automatically dialled-into the call and ready to instantly start talking,.

So there are no more forgotten appointments and it creates a great impression when you’re dialling your prospect right on time.

So get started today with a free trial of Brring Live Dialer.


If you’d like us to help you implement these changes, please contact our customer success team and we’ll get you sorted.

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