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Brring Spring Updates

Feb 28, 2020 3 min read
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Brring Spring Updates

We’ve been hard at work here at Brring HQ adding some of our customers’ most requested features. From allowing you to see where your leads are calling from, to detailed metadata about your prospects, we’ve also added analytics and as if that wasn’t enough web calling, our most requested feature, has shipped – allowing your leads to call you direct from their web browser.

Web Calling from Live Dialer

Not everyone wants to enter their phone number into a website. Entering a phone number can be a point of friction, especially when you have a customer already logged in on your website or portal and they want to get in touch with a support agent.

To solve that problem we built Web Calling – the ability for a lead to connect directly from the Live Dialer widget to your Sales hotline with just one click. We use the microphone and speakers on their computer or smartphone and put them in a call and ring you.

10 What Is Web Audio Short No Zoom

As soon as a member of your sales team answers both your prospect and your sales team are connected instantly and you still get all the benefits of an email containing information about your lead – including their city, country, their timezone and the pages which triggered your visitor’s interest.

To use it simply enable it from your Account > Live Dialer settings page here:

Web Audio Enable Setting

Analytics for Live Dialer

Live Dialer Analytics gives you better insights into how your sales calls are doing over time. This enables you to optimize the sales call process and see Dialer Interactions, Calls, Page Views and Dialer Opens. For example you can optimize Live Dialer placement in countries which yield greater response rates for calls versus others, placing Live Dialer where it is most effective.

Live Dialer Analytics Graphs

Live Dialer presents you an overview of how your leads are doing over time with analytics and call history views. Get a high level overview of calls over the past week or deep dive into each call and see how long each participant was on the call and on which call your leads dropped off or connected. Inside each past call you get to see where your leads were calling from, which pages they viewed and on which page they triggered the call.

To use enable it set your Live Dialer domain from your Account > Live Dialer settings page here:

Live Dialer Analytics Domain

Live Call metadata about your leads

With Live Dialer we’ve drilled down into your lead metadata so you can get useful insights into where your leads are calling from, which pages they viewed and on which page they triggered the call. This information has always been emailed to you before a call but we now include it as standard on every Live Dialer call so you don’t need to dig through your emails. Simply click on a call and your sales team immediately get a heads up with all the information they need.

Live Call Meta Data View Of Your Lead


Those are just some of the features we’ve added over the past few weeks, but if you feel there’s something missing which you’d like to see do reach out to us.

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