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Brring Autumn Updates

Nov 19, 2019 4 min read
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Brring Autumn Updates

Our Autumn release of Brring is out and with it some noteworthy features which we wanted to share with you – from improvements in audio quality to better information about your Live Dialer visitors.

Improved audio quality

Firstly across the board Brring benefits from audio improvements with support for the Opus codec. Opus is a highly performant sound compression algorithm which is responsible for converting the audio from your device’s microphone and compressing it to a much smaller size suitable for sending across the internet. It delivers better audio quality across various networks and really shines in low bandwidth or environments with spotty network coverage like cellular. Compared to G.711 which we were using before, Opus delivers better voice quality at half the bandwidth and handles bad network connections far more gracefully.

Invite your guests onto your call

Brring now allows you to easily share your call with all your guests, no signup or Brring account necessary. They receive a link which on clicking takes them straight into the call with you. We support them joining from either their browser or their phone – the former being both higher quality and free so definitely the recommended option. We also anonymize all phone numbers in the guest view so you don’t need to worry about leaking private information when on your call.

Invite your guests into your conference call

See where your prospects are calling from

Brring now summarizes your Live Dialer visitors geographic locations by both phone number and their device location. This helps you keep track of your incoming calls and allows you at a glance to see when say a German visitor is booking a call from Germany or when they’re travelling abroad.

Categorized Calls in the Brring Dashboard

No surprise calls

For those who don’t have dedicated staff manning the phone, receiving a phone call out of the blue can be inconvenient. With Live Dialer you can add a pre-call delay to every call, ensuring you get a heads up before the call starts. It’s 30 seconds by default since research indicates that you can expect a 100x increase in response by calling a lead within 5 min vs 30 min and your prospect’s responsiveness only increases the quicker you connect. You can of course modify the pre-call delay from its default.

Pre Call Delay setting

Enhanced emails

Emails get an upgrade with information about your Live Dialer caller. When you have more information about who your website visitors are, you can tailor their call to improve engagement and conversions. Live Dialer now includes a visitor’s location data, including City and Country. We also include their timezone so you know whether your prospect is an early bird or a night owl. On top of that we let you know which pages triggered your visitor’s interest.

Emails with visitor locality information

Always notified

You get an email when a call is booked, when you reschedule it and if it gets cancelled. We keep your Calendar up to date so everything’s in sync and if you’re on the go we also send both you and your visitor a SMS just before the call to remind everyone involved. No more excuses for missing that call.


Brring Live Dialer SMS Text Notification

Be sure to set your Company Name to personalize your SMS messages to your visitor.

Company Name setting

Calendar Integration

Brring now integrates with your calendar with no extra configuration needed. Each email from Brring contains all the appointment information necessary to ensure your calls are kept in sync when they’re created, rescheduled or canceled.

Brring Calendar Email ICS

Those are just some of the features we’ve added over the past few months, but if you feel there’s something missing which you’d like to see do reach out to us.



Autumn photo by Karolina Badzmierowska

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