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Introducing Brring Live Dialer

Aug 12, 2019 2 min read
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Brring Live Dialer

With Brring we set out to build the best call and conference scheduling service out there. As part of that we introduced powerful third-party integrations, compliance, web audio and calendar support. This week we’re adding our latest major feature – Brring Live Dialer.

Live Dialer provides you a simple and well thought out widget which drops onto your website. It provides your site visitors the ability to book or schedule a phone call with you or your sales team.

When a visitor arrives on your site they simply enter their phone number in our easy to use widget. A call is booked with your team. You immediately get an email with your prospect’s details and a reminder is automatically added to your calendar.

You specify your business hours and availability and your customers pick a time slot convenient for both of you. Once the call time arrives you and your prospect are automatically dialled in.

We support dialing in over 200+ countries and have some of the most competitive call rates out there giving you a powerful and cost effective sales tool.


Live Dialer can be customized to suit your brand and site layout and is positionable on either side of your web page complimenting any existing chat bot solution.

In addition Live Dialer is 100% responsive. We work hard to ensure it looks great across dozens of web browsers and devices. Whether your visitors are on their mobile, tablet or desktop you have a sales tool that matches your brand and looks great on every web page.

Cover all leads

Not everyone will interact with chat bots and whilst they can provide automated responses these require a large number of site visitors before getting meaningful responses. Live Dialer covers this potentially lost inbound path through your sales funnel by providing visitors the ability to easily book a call.

Quick response

Potential customers don’t like to be kept waiting. Research has shown that you can expect a 100x increase in response by calling a prospect within 5 minutes vs 30 minutes 1. In fact 97% of customers report that they will give more business to companies that respond to them quickly 2. Live Dialer lets your customers book a callback with you and get connected within seconds.

Time saving convenience

Live Dialer’s sophisticated scheduling and time zone support saves time without all the back and forth of asynchronous messages and emails to schedule calls. You define the hours you’re available to take a call and your prospect picks a time slot convenient for both of you. Just before the call we send a reminder via SMS or email and when the call time arrives we automatically dial you and your prospect so you can get in touch on-time, everytime.

Be informed about your leads

If a prospect is booking a call with you then they are likely at a later stage in the discovery process. Our easy to use widget enables you to reach these customers at the critical time when they’re ready to reach out. Customers don’t miss your sales number and you don’t miss the customer. Our powerful analytics can also help you gain extra insight into your new leads.

Live Dialer is provided as part of your Brring account, there’s no additional charge and adheres to our pay-as-you-go philosophy. Sign-up for a free trial or get in touch with us if you’d like to know more.



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