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No more security through obscurity

Apr 10, 2019 2 min read
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A few years back our team had to hop onto a call with an important client. We didn’t want to be late so we dialled the conference dial-in and PIN number a few minutes ahead of time. Expecting hold music we instead found we were on the tail end of an ongoing conference call. Suffice to say we very quickly and quietly hung up!

When you have dial-in conference numbers and PINs, they’re only as secure as your business process allows them to be. Conference bridge numbers almost never change. Their very inconvenience almost necessitates that and when your company is emailing a list of dial-ins to every employee and vendor you’ve created a gigantic security hole.

PIN numbers are even worse. They change almost as infrequently as dial-ins but they convey a false sense of security. Making them longer simply adds to their inconvenience and with them getting emailed out to all and sundry they’re another huge security hole in your communication compliance.

In this day and age there’s no reason anyone should accept that kind of security loop hole in their communication products and it’s why Brring takes dial-out – a normally premium feature and makes it standard across all of our packages. By default when you setup a call with Brring there is no security ingress vulnerability. Your colleagues and your customers cannot accidentally dial-in to a call. There’s no PIN or dial-in leakage from accidental sharing of conference emails. The call is created on demand from our secure conference in the cloud straight out to your mobile or landline number.

We securely dial each guest in. They don’t have to dial a conference bridge number, or a PIN to get onto the call. They just need to be able to pickup their phone or with our new web audio feature click on the secure link to your call and join straight from their web browser. No one gets to join the call too early. The call starts when you specify, on schedule.

On top of that our visual view of the call ensures that you and your guests have a view of the ongoing conference. You’ll know when and whether your boss or an important customer is on the call. And your guests even get a view of who’s who. We securely mask any sensitive PII like phone numbers and emails so your guests can’t see more than they should whilst ensuring that the call organiser get a full view of everything.

Screenshot 2019 04 10 At 16.58.59
Your attendees can only see and control their own phone number

The security and sensitivity of your company and your customer’s data is ever critical and attempts to scrape phone numbers, emails and conversations are always going to be prevalent amongst bad actors or careless compliance. At Brring we ensure that our communications tools are not only user friendly but that we keep your sensitive phone numbers and call data away from intentional or unintentional harm.

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