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Schedule your calls so everyone’s on-time, everytime

Sep 27, 2018 2 min read
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If you’re in the business of scheduling conferences and online meetings you know that having everyone join the call on time can be like having the stars align. Chasing late joiners or going round the call asking who’s present wastes valuable time and risks frustrating your participants.

Brring straightens that out with our powerful call scheduler making it simple to setup your meeting and schedule it at the time and date of your choosing. Our app is fully timezone aware and seamlessly detects your local timezone. If you travel across timezones we take care of that too ensuring that your meeting starts precisely when you want it to. We handle everything including those tricky daylight savings changes to ensure that if you’re in say New York and schedule your call for Monday 10AM – your Brring conference call is ringing at the right time even when the clocks change.

Time zone change

Brring is fully timezone aware with automatic zone detection no matter where in the world you travel

As soon as your call is scheduled you get an email notifying you with the details. Just before the call’s about to start everyone gets a SMS to remind them that the meeting will be starting soon.

A notification arrives to remind you when your call is about to start

A notification arrives to remind you when your call is about to start

Brring is dial-out first and foremost, so you don’t need to worry about your dial-in and PIN or anyone else’s. No matter where your participants are in the world we call them at precisely the time you requested and everyone gets conferenced using a local number.

So whether you need to setup multiple conference calls across multiple time zones or work through a leads list of prospects – don’t watch the clock – let Brring take care of it. So long as you’ve got your phone in your pocket your scheduled calls will never start late again.

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