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Introducing Brring – Conference calling without the hassle

Sep 06, 2018 2 min read
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When did the weekly conference call become something to dread?

Was it the long list of dial in numbers to scan minutes before the call? You’re hoping they have a dial in for your country or you’re going to be facing an expensive phone bill. Entering the right PIN number as a moderator or a guest? If you’re lucky your host remembered to enter all of this information in the calendar invite they emailed a week ago. Didn’t accept the invite? Time to find that email.

Once you’ve cleared the finger gymnastics you’re finally in.

Voices are talking and then abruptly stop, ‘Hi who is this?’, you answer but your co-worker just flicked on the coffee machine. You wish you’d dialled in on your mobile instead of your desk phone but it’s too late to change now.

This is insane. You know it, we know it, so we set about fixing it.

We identified the pain points in conferencing; dial in numbers, pins, lack of visibility of who’s on the call and who’s talking, difficulty switching from desk phone to mobile, international charges which cost your participants an arm and a leg.

Dial-out by default

The first thing we looked at was the most obvious one – dial in numbers. With Brring you don’t dial in a long, unfamiliar conferencing number. You enter the number you know – yours. When the time for your call arrives we dial you and all your participants in.

Thanks to this there are no pesky dial-ins or PINs to worry about and since we’re making the call this lets us offer as low a rate as possible by routing the call through your nearest exchange. That means if you’re in the United Kingdom we’ll be calling you from a local +44 number. If you’re in the United States we’ll use a +1 number. Wherever possible we’ll dial you locally. That keeps our call rates local and amongst the lowest and ensures your participants don’t get an unexpected phone bill.

Simple billing

We charge you only for the minutes you and your participants spend on the call. With no expiring call credit and no mandatory monthly bill you decide how long you’re a Brring customer. We don’t require a membership fee for you to take advantage of our service.

Award winning design

Our user friendly and powerful interface makes it simple to setup a conference whether you make one call a month or dozens a day. There’s no app needed, just login using your web browser and you get a full view of who’s in the call and who’s talking with capabilities like hangup, mute and redial for every participant.

When we started our aim was to reshape conference calling across the world. We’re just getting started and look forward to having you aboard.

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